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How can I make online videos stream smoothly?

When trying to watch videos on youtube, etc., the video feed stops and starts. Is this caused by too little RAM (512)? Or is the video playspeed just faster than the download speed? I don't understand much about this stuff. Can someone clue me in, or offersuggestions?

  • stream smoothly播放流畅,not smoothly

  • stops and starts

  • I don't understand much about this stuff. (实用句:这个我不太懂)

  • clue somebody in (on something)(informal)to  give somebody the most recent information about something给(某人)提供最新信息He's just clued me in on the latest developments. 他刚给我提供了最新的进展情况。

Get A Faster Internet Connection.. If the data is streamed as fast as the video is playing, it will stutter, stop, start, etc.

  • stutter ,原意是结巴:W-w-what?' he stuttered.